The AFW Atelier Franz WEST GmbH was founded in the summer of 2017 by Hans Riedel in consultation with other former studio assistants of Franz West.

He worked 16 years as assistant to Franz West as “left hand” in his studio in Vienna 1030, Esteplatz 3 and after his death 5 years Facility Management activity for Franz West Werknutzungs-GmbH until the completion of the studio work and release of all the few remaining art-assistants.
In the studio ERDENREICH – Hans Riedel in 1070 Vienna, Neubaugasse 7 -the current seat of the AFW A.F.W. GmbH- some preliminary work on sculptures and seating objects had been also carried out for years for Franz WEST.
The AFW Atelier Franz West GmbH will continue to receive the spirit and artistic know-how of Franz WEST.

Reworking, reproductions and re-repairs can be offered as much as possible by the former co-organization of the creation, the co-development and the complete knowledge and ability of the original techniques and materials and by the greatest possible artistic-craftsmanship of the then co-assistants.

The AFW Atelier Franz West GmbH is 100% owned by managing director Hans Riedel and operates neutrally and independently of other companies, foundations, companies or persons. It is associated with the company Atelier ERDENREICH, sculpture, since  27 years a sole proprietorship in property and continuously under the sole direction of Hans Riedel; beyond that with other artists and companies who worked for Franz WEST during his lifetime and cooperated with him and Atelier ERDENREICH.